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Review Results

Understanding your strengths and where you stand is important. Knowing this sparks continued growth and development.

Performance ratings

Performance Excellence introduces a streamlined process for the year-end review, featuring a simplified rating framework and tools for supporting a performance review conversation focused on growth and development.



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Roles and Responsibilities

Get the most from your performance conversation.
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Self-assessment checklist

Prepare for your self-review.
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Year-end workflow in myHR Learn

Year-end system workflow

Learn how to complete your review in myHR Learn.
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Preparing for your Review

Preparing for your Review

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Learn more about preparing for your performance review, the rating framework and how to submit and finalize reviews in myHR Learn with the resources below.


System guides

Looking for resources for supervisors? 

Visit our supervisors page to view relevant resources and learn about this important role in Performance Excellence.